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Can't Study Because of

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Diploma Fee of only RM 1,000 a Semester! 

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What Our Students Say...

I had a wonderful experience during my studies in Asia College of Technology. The lecturers are professional and are very supportive. Students can easily approach them for any inquiries. They spare their time to give guidance to students by pointing out their mistakes  and letting the students know what improvements can be made. Furthermore, the course fee is affordable to those who have financial difficulties.


Sangeetha Sivashanmugam

I am honoured and grateful to Asia College of Technology (ACT) that provided such a good education to us students.  This college has experienced lecturers to teach students.  The  lecturers explained things and guided us based on their experience and knowledge. I did my best to repay them with good results. I am enrolled now to continue my degree in a private university.


Thank you ACT.


Sim Deck Chan

This diploma course was really useful for my working environment and lifestyle. This is because before I joined this college for the diploma course, I was not sure whether I would be able to get a good job upon completion of this course. But what happened was when I started  applying for jobs, I had many choices because the Diploma in Business Management is wide where we learned a lot of things which are needed in the work environment. Currently I’m working as an accounts executive. While in college, I studied various subjects which are applicable now in my current job such as leadership, accounts, entrepreneurship and economics.



Gurpreet Kaur a/p Serjit Singh

I feel so lucky because I chose Asia College of Technology (ACT) for my diploma program. All the lecturers in ACT are friendly and knowledgeable. Lecturers in ACT explain and  teach clearly with a lot of examples. In ACT, I gained much knowledge and  experience for my future life. I met a lot of friends in ACT. We worked together to finish all the quizzes and assignments which enhanced my communication and social skills. I really appreciate ACT.


Tan Chun Hung

ACT is  one of the colleges which provides scholarships to students who have financial problems. I am one of the students who received a scholarship from the Chief Executive of the college, Dr. Lourdes. I had a wonderful experience in this college with good lecturers. The lecturers are very friendly, challenging and corrected students’ mistakes.  As a student I could understand the lecturers and felt free to ask questions. After completing the diploma in ACT, I'm now continuing my degree course. Thank you so much Dr. Lourdes and my lecturers.



Elister Richard