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A Reputation for Academic Excellence

At Asia College of Technology, we have got a lot to offer. We offer you an educational experience that truly is student-centered. We are committed to providing you a high-quality academic program with a small-college atmosphere that is second to none. If you are looking for a quality education with lots of personal attention, then ACT is the place for you. 


Strong Faculty with Teaching Experience


ACT students are taught by highly qualified lecturers with many years of teaching or business experience. Many of our lecturers are recognized in their fields of specialty. They are people dedicated to the students they teach and their professions. Several also work in industry to keep abreast of the rapid technological changes taking place in the world.


Small Classes with lots of Personal Attention


We are firmly committed to the small-college tradition which holds that each individual student is important. We keep class size small to ensure that you can get the personal attention you need. Our emphasis is on good teaching and helping students.  In the classroom, this means your lecturers will get to know you by name. You will feel more comfortable asking questions. It also allows the lecturers to tune in to whether or not students understand the material being covered and to provide additional tutoring if necessary. 

Industrial Training​


A unique feature of ACT is that students have the opportunity  to intern with local companies to obtain relevant work experiences and exposure. Students will be able to relate what they learn in the classroom to real life situations. This helps them to better understand the subject matter and improve their overall academic performance.

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